Cyprus offers various options for non-EU nationals to acquire residence or visa. Each of these residence or visa routes offer the additional advantage of leading to Cyprus citizenship, as long as the relevant criteria are met.

Our team provides advice for private or corporate clients on all aspects of immigration in Cyprus, including but not limited to:

  • Digital Nomad Visa

    The new Digital Nomad Visa offers to the employed, self-employed or freelance third-country nationals who work remotely, the right of residence permits for 1 year with the right for renewal for 2 more years subsequently. The third-country nationals will be allowed to move their family to Cyprus as well, however such family members do not have the right to work in Cyprus market. The Digital Nomad Visa holders must earn at least €3,500 per month, have medical insurance and a clean criminal record.
  • Employment at a International Company

    The new policy for the employment of highly skilled third-country nationals gives the opportunity to third-country nationals to be employed by companies with foreign interest, provided that the companies prove their physical presence in Cyprus by establishing suitable independent office. In order to meet the criteria, the third- country nationals must earn at least €2,500 gross per month, must have a university degree or at least 2 years of experience and a minimum 2-year contract of employment. It is allowed to move their family to Cyprus.
  • Visitor (Temporary Residence permit)

    Temporary Residence permit (Visitor) can be provided to third country nationals who enter the Republic of Cyprus and wish to stay for more than three (3) months, without right to work in Cyprus.

The following categories of foreigners can receive a Visitors Permit:

  • (1) Τhird country nationals that have conducted a marriage with Cypriot citizens and their minor children (younger than 18 years old) from a previous marriage and/or parents-in-law from third countries (provided that the provisions of family reunification for family members of a Cypriot are met). These categories must apply for an entry and residence permit as family member of Cypriot Citizen.
  • (2) Third country nationals who apply for extension of their temporary residence permit, provided that they have sufficient financial resources for their maintenance originating from abroad.
  • (3) Τhird country nationals who apply for extension of their temporary residence permit in order to conduct a marriage with a Cypriot or an EU citizen.
  • Tourist Visas

    Visas are issued by the consular authorities of Cyprus in abroad and they can be extended for a maximum period of 3 months. Visas with the term FINAL can only be extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when special reasons exists (e.g. humanitarian reasons, holders of property in Cyprus etc).

    In the case where foreigners from third countries receive visas from a consular authority of Cyprus and their aim is to achieve an extension in their stay, the term FINAL is not noted and the Civil Registry and Migration Department (C.R.M.D.) can accept relevant application after the submission of all the required documents, duly certified.