TALEAN is experienced in Trademark registration in over 150 countries worldwide, including registraition at European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and at World Intellecual Property Organization (WIPO) through Madrid Protocol.

We can assist you in deciding the classes of NICE classification necessary in order to best protect your trademark and so business and recommend the countries and/or Communities where such registration should be done (via OHIM, WIPO or otherwise), and the stages for cost optimization purposes. We will recommend the best strategy of registration and provide you with the specific requirements in each country.

What can be registered as trademark:

  • Word marks
  • Figurative marks (logo), whether or not they include words
  • Shape mark
  • Position mark
  • Pattern mark
  • sound marks
  • Colour marks
  • Motion mark
  • Multimedia mark
  • Hologram mark

What cannot be registered as trademark:

  • Descriptive marks (however, certain exceptions may apply, in case such marks have become distinctive due to their extensive use – mostly acceptable in the EU)
  • Shapes that result from the nature of goods
  • Marks that are words or devices used to indicate specific goods/services
  • Marks that may mislead the public on the nature, the quality of the geographical origin of the goods / services
  • Marks that are contrary to public policy
  • Marks that are protected by the Paris Convention (national flags, emblems etc.)
  • Marks that could be considered offensive in any other country